Purespectrum Inc. (PSRU:OTC) is a publicly-traded corporation focused on the energizing of celebrity entertainment, social media and TV communications. PSRU aims to achieve an unparalleled advancement towards media through music, sports and, with respect to the millennial generation, through technology.

Technology is an important part of our life especially in the last century more than ever. With benefits such as speed, accuracy, unlimited information and more, the internet has provided various means of communicating without delay nor difficulty. However, a level of consumer satisfaction has yet to be reached. Purespectrum Inc. looks to fill this void.

With the technological infrastructure, individuals, organizations and government have created a huge platform which enables effective communication. As such, Purespectrum Inc. features content on iPhone, Android phones, Tablets, and Computers. Evidently, traditional TV viewership will gradually decline due to the evolving media landscape. From statistical evidence, 2017 is the first year that the usage of digital video supersedes that of traditional TV. The replacing medium is smartphone and tablet devices, providing the audience with a truly discrete and satisfactory experience while downloading or streaming video.

The need for viewers to engage online and broadcast content for entertainment has proven and is still proving to be highly demanded by both individuals and groups.

Purespectrum Inc. continues to be the handy solution, with access to set tools which allow viewers to get tuned in on topics such as Music, Sports and Entertainment in the most convenient and efficient way.





Sherman Oaks Newsstand

Sherman Oaks Newsstand has been open Since 1949 and is a popular tourist place to visit in LA! Stop by and say hello! We carry current media events from newspapers, magazines, and so much more! We provide excellent customer service! “Get it on the go!”


OKTV is television with a purpose. We air shows to inspire and motivate, not only entertain you; whatever your interests.

OKTV is designed with a very specific aim in mind…. “Bringing Families Back together”. It’s developed to engage people to rethink community. We speak to the children, the tweens, young adults and the grandparents.

Mailing Address:
3010 Wilshire BLVD #304
Los Angeles, CA 90010


Shareholders or potential shareholders should only contact the company by filling this form out, emailing us or by contacting us via Twitter. No information will be given that is not already public.

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